Related to Makers (Org)
  • Workspaces and boards
  • Integrations
    • Point and click auto complete
    • Instant Jira integration
    • Gmail to and from emails for CRM, updates, automations of all sort.
  • Subitems
    • Different schema but can roll up
  • Database - connect boards (tables)
    • And can project too
  • Buttons
    • Can ping, integrate, create relationships (and it so smoothly connects both sides)
  • Docs
    • Can embed boards
    • Normal GDocs type collab
    • I can see why ClickUp and them both have docs now.
    • Can only put updates (comments) on the entire doc, not specific items — so would prob still use GDocs for writing and editing
    • Feels like quip (within the salesforce ecosystem)
  • Widgets
    • Dashboard / charting
  • Forms
  • Use cases
    • Content production
    • Project Management
    • Bunch of overlap with Airtable... and a little bit of Notion Coda.
  • Templates
  • Can talk between workspaces.
    • Then what are WS?
  • This is the closest thing to Podio that I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Dashboard
    • I was hoping for resources —> and there it was, a workload widget
    • Export to Excel button so I can get my data out, just there, ready to go. A feature tied to a use case and what I’m trying to do.
    • Drag and drop widgets. Pre-built, functions of what I already want — with already connected data. Because it knows, is native.
  • Full width b/c it’s a work mgmt solution rather than a doc and limited to that.
  • Universal inbox for actioning.
  • Apps Marketplace
    • Has everything in it.
  • Coda has the trojan horse of a doc. This is building blocks workOS for how it is. It’s just board tables. And connections between. OMG.

This is the very beginning of your team’s journey to exceptional teamwork.

  1. Intuitive and robust: Plan, manage and track all types of work, even for the most complex projects and workflows with ease.
  2. Adjust for your exact needs: It all starts with a customizable board. You can pick a ready-made template, make it your own, and choose the building blocks needed to jumpstart your work.
  3. Easy onboarding, fast adoption: You don’t have to be a techie to feel confident in getting started, which makes onboarding anyone in your team as simple as using their phone.

I encourage you to invite your teammates to your first board and begin exploring all that has to offer on desktop and mobile. You’ll quickly discover that it’s fun and intuitive.

My Work

  • Everything I’m assigned to across it all.
  • It just is there.
  • Auto merges work types