Related to Makers (Org)
  • Spaces
    • Group by as default org thing (like Monday)
    • List is another thing of this object
    • Can’t add new fields to table unless it’s part of it?
  • List (under folders, under spaces)
    • Add new views
    • Add columns, but these are the default set at the level above.
    • Can have detail views
  • Dashboards
  • Docs
  • UX
    • Hover over menus doesn’t work, you have to click into each... that’s why they call it clickup? lol and then have to click out of it. OMG. this is so annoying.
    • A little jumpy and clunky
    • Has a wrike feel.. some Monday vibes
  • This is really PM focused. One example of CRM but not as strong.
    • Even each client is called a “task”
  • Home
    • which surfaces all the good things, in the LineUp, My Work, Calendar (you can schedule your work and tasks)
  • Integrations
    • Really promoting Slack
    • Discord, hangouts, github... zendesk (over Jira), intercom
    • Devs: Senty, Github, bitbucket, gitlab — competing against Jira? Webflow and Nuna moved over to clickup.
    • Zapier and integromat
  • Random work OS stuff like
    • Note pad, reminders.