Summer Hour

June 25, 2021
Time (Pacific)
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  • What’s new in no code?
    • Automations - connectors
      • Enterprise
        • Zapier is more consumer tool. Freemium.
        • Tray / workato. Security, data stored. They want to give you demo, trial.
      • Parabola changed prices. Base plan USD 80 a month
        • Aaron K wrote about it. No code is a horrible audience. Low paying, experiment.
    • Viz tools APIs Miro
      • Is it becoming your new UI / front end tool.
      • Infinite canvas as a website?
      • Building with Data
      • PPT - it's the ultimate mock up. Canva is out.
    • launched.
      • Higher than Bubble for entrance. YouTube doesn't have full use case — front to back. Nice UI. More like Buildr. #codeoptional.
      • Technical development, visual dev.
  • Nocode as a developer.
    • Next level of abstraction. You from front all the way down the stack.
    • "Learned more about Code using NoCode."
    • Or even the auth stuff, can pull in the module and block. Plugins to make it faster.
    • Terraform - single file and create full deployment. DevOps is scary for front end developers.
    • Connecting backend person and integrating someone on the front end.
    • "Even just standing up a virtual enviroment is tough."
    • WorkOS — a prototype to enterprise. SOC II, SSO. Webflow uses it.
  • Stacks - abstraction
    • Take out, eat, cooking, growing food. Same metaphor.
    • Service design, no language around it. Copy and paste structures as a non-technical user. How they are talked about social vs. technical. Label summaries of info. What does this piece of data mean in the organization... part of larger whole and story. Informal social abstraction.
    • Brett victor — direct manupulation in space. "Up and down the ladder of abstraction" article. Language of machine vs. human.
  • No code events this year?
  • Feedback on demo day?
  • Should we spin up a discord to share resources/share advice?
  • People
  • Audio
    • Twitter spaces is still janky.
    • Clubhouse is on andriod
  • Async
    • Loom, video updates, docs.