NoCode Tool Roundtable: Airtable, Notion, Coda

NoCode Tool Roundtable: Airtable, Notion, Coda


Prep Checklist

Create luma event
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Host check-in on Twitter Spaces (make sure to download the Twitter mobile app) 11:45am PT Friday
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Roundtable crew

What do?
Link out
Tool expertise
John Scrugham
Lead Solutions Studio
3 Airtable 4 Notion 5 Coda
Riley Jones
Airtable Notion Coda
Wes Wagner
Rarely Decaf
5/5 Airtable 4/5 Notion 2/5 Coda
Shayan Bawaney
Running National non profit
Airtable x Notion x
Megan Boshuyzen
Senior Email Developer, Pathwire
Airtable Notion Coda
Saagar Gupta
Account Management Lead
Airtable Notion Coda
Zen Ren
Staff User Researcher
3/5 Airtable 0/5 Notion 5/5? Coda
Lisa Dziuba
Head Marketing
Airtable Notion Coda


  • ✋ emoji to talk next.


  • Welcome to Nocode makers hangout (where came from)
    • How this topic came to be - roundtable, tools, experts
  • Intros- what you do, what excited about building.
    • Tell me about your experience with each tool. History.
  • What's this space of Notion, Airtable, and Coda? How would you describe each to a friend, your grandparent.
    • What part is NoCode? What part isn’t?
  • What do you make with them? Why did you choose that tool to do it.
    • Wedding planner (Coda: SG)
    • CMS (Coda:SG)
    • Financial tracking system (Airtable: Shayan)
    • NNP Internal tool (helps growth) + Airtable for forms (Notion: Shayan)
    • House buying maintenance app (Coda: Zen)
    • Consulting In A box (Coda: Zen)
      • Stakeholders names/research
      • Generating plans/techniques all in one doc
    • Magic The Gathering Deck Builder (Coda: Zen)
    • Soccer team jersey list (Megan: Airtable)
    • Client asset uploader (Megan: Airtable)
    • CRMs + Onboarding (Wes: Airtable)
    • Porject management (Wes: Airtable)
  • What is X tool’s super power?
    • Airtable embeds
    • Notion public pages
    • Proper table controls within Coda
      • No need to choose between a table and a doc
    • Better than Googlish services (smooth UX)
    • Powerful data relations (Airtable)
      • (wow moment)
      • Adding data and having it automatically linked
    • Powerful filters and sorting option with views (Airtable)
      • Easy to onboard
  • Wishlist, the things that piss you off.
  • Predications and the future you’re excited about (both in general, and personal projects you’re excited about)
    • UI - Interface designer AT - is it a backend, or front end too now.
      • Softr, Stacker, WeWeb, Glide too.
    • Granular permissions - Sheets have hidden, colored, locked as a hack.
      • Use case - market places
      • Notion: DB editing limits.
      • A website would never allow “users” - end user, maker.
  • Common no-code misconceptions
  • Audience Q
    • I’m trying to build something, have an idea for something, how would I create X in Y tool?
    • Use cases.
    • Unblocking issues for commonly known limitations.
  • Next tool round table
    • Bubble. webflow
    • Other ideas
  • What’s next