NoCode Maker Hangout - April

April 21, 2021
Time (Pacific)
6pm Pacific Standard Time
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#nocode folks! @rileyj_s and I are hosting another NoCode Maker Hangout tomorrow at 6pm PT. We're mixing it up w/ @TwitterSpaces (which has no registration / URL) so drop your info here and we'll let you know how to join when the time comes

Here's the NoCode Hangout link!


  • Hopes and dreams for the nocode maker group?
    • Growing education around nocode. What's been helpful. What will it look like/how will it grow?
  • Templates (clones) vs. building from scratch.
  • Team collaboration with nocode. How are groups doing this effectively with the learning curve nocode tools can sometime provide?
  • NoCode companies: agencies, consultancies. Startups / businesses.

What have you been building this week.

  • Alessandro notalefyi - freshman,
    • studie — scholarship — adalo
    • — webflow
    • Colleges through money. Adalo course at the college.
    • 75k


  • Schools teaching webflow as part of their course. We don't know it.

  • Diego
    • Buildr — CEO Mark is in here. Magnuson
  • Brandon
    • 38, learned Visual Basic when 14.
    • Adalo, webflow. Listen to Visual Dev podcast
    • Designer build it, then find a custom coder needed
  • Nocode - does it get you 80% of the use case? - Ben
    • Always need code to bridge the gap of something interesting or consequence.
    • Low laying the base, then you can do something on top.

  • Person who takes the first step is there for the last. The guardrails in to be put back in place. Product owner are going down the stack. 8020 with teams.
    • Matt V - agency life. Working with Riley on one. Hire Riley. Webflow partners. Solo founders all the way up venture backed and public.
    • Retainer vs. project work.
      • Prev CEO with andrew wilkinson break the retainer model.
      • Zoom call hand off. Loom calls and DYI handle themselves. Documentation.
      • Project with Shuan Parker. Manage project. Loom videos in the style guide.
  • Mark - consultancy
    • Setting proper customer expectations. Do something in 30 mins that works. Doing something complicated also takes 30 mins.
  • Justin Watt - direction of operation at Metalab would be great.
    • Big Coda fan, but do use Notion.
    • Fortune 500 — we'll hop in to notion with you. Project space for every project. Client area. 1-3 week sprints. Meet with clients and move to next sprint.
    • Take away in a figma file.
    • Guest access. Then it's a spread mechanism. Transfer. They love it. Collaborate. Have the history of it.
    • Gate — do they want to partner (say yes), vs. staff augmentation.
  • Matt
    • Notion —> Coda —> Clickup and fully cycling between the 3.
    • A Manual. Expectations. Desired communication pref. Working style. Meeting to schedule button.
    • Proposals. Fixed price quotes and est. the timeline.

Hopes and dreams

  • Education
    • Webflow, university etc.
    • Buildr — it's hard to do —- Mark.
    • Community based education. NoCode founders, Makerpad.
    • Will it splinter out.
  • At class - Alessandra.
    • RR Abrot's YouTube videos are part of the program.
  • Heavily curated from a specific source.
  • Community informs the higher quality stream of content. More power users are sharing knowledge.
    • I want that in the tool. While people are building the projects.
  • A guided experience, curated flow of power user's content. Reach out to power users.

Like Builder hour

  • A user demos what they've created. Q&A focused on the scope.
  • Zoom. Started off as webinar vs. everyones face. + for registration (Luma is popular on TikTok). Don't get zoom link right before. Not getting zoom bomped, not on the list.
  • Record the demo.


  • Crowdsourced

Getting users - demo day and showcase. Monetization.

  • Sales and marketing to grow the idea. We have eng is easier. Promote. Showcase product Adalo in a zoom call.
  • Monetization, investors, business skill and workshops. Market strategy.
  • Indiehackers.
  • Reverse engineer really well-funded startups. Run it leaner.
    • Growth tactics. reverse and see their facebook ads. Ranking for. Point is to not be better than them. Fraction of the cost. Solo no doe founder. Smart people
  • B2B, easier to get funding?
  • Building is the fun part. Building a tool for the growth people or for influencers.
    • link.tree is so easy to build. It markets itself. That lives in an influencer's profile. Build tools for influencer.
    • Getting on an app story.
  • Influencers, creators.
  • —> put together their favorite
  • — give you a fraction of the company.
  • Eyeballs are the most powerful people. They make the calls. They have no idea what that means.

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