May 6 - casual hang

May 6, 2022
Time (Pacific)
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  • What’s everyone working on?
    • Riley: Learning material
    • John: House, building use cases.
    • : Client is in Dallas, watch what they do. Lighting for major concerts (like for Coldplay). Executive producer. Had been working with another production place.
  • All tools are the same
    • Project hubs and persona.
    • CRMs. Salesforce doesn’t feel fun, but prob was compared to desktop DBs at the time like Siebel.
  • UIFlow
    • Product designers focus on
  • Nocode article:
  • Themes
    • Personal productivity - Taking a tool a daily life and enhancing. Vernacular architecture, build your own way, and evolve it. In local style. Invest into a system.
  • Qs: “Why are you putting it in Salesforce?”