Hangout / NoCode Conf Roundup

Hangout / NoCode Conf Roundup

November 19, 2021
Time (Pacific)
12:00pm – 1:00pm
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When marking off the checklist, initial your name beside each item you've done. If you need to assign, then create a note and assign a host to take care of an item. (example) [X] Create luma event (rj)

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Create luma event
Send out luma invites to group
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Gather Topics


  • Software being expensive (SaSS)
  • Services vs SaSS (or combination)
    • Charge for service/SaSS for free
  • Element of hand holding from clients
  • Opportunity costing***

Go to maket: Building small then scaling bigger the only path?

  • Niching is the way to start (John's philosphy)
    • Building for a real person/small amount of people. BuildInPublic
  • Building in public and getting validation from there
  • Value of prototyping becoming less valuable without much traction (enticing idea)
  • Tension between wanting a grand idea or more of a process of testing and getting validation of ideas.