October 22, 2021
Time (Pacific)
12:00pm – 1:00pm
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Create luma event - John
Send out luma invites to group - John
Twitter DM - John
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Twitter share pt.1
Twitter share pt.2 (Rj)
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Gather Topics


  • A better name for NoCode
  • Learning & Building
    • OnDeck
      • What they are building
      • Programs:
        • ODNC Fellows β€” Brian asked on Twitter to Colleen (didn't know each other yet).
          • Colleen was using Zapier and didn't know it was a concept.
          • Preparing:
            • Clear calendar
            • Buy holiday presents now ahead of schedule.
            • Set expectations with those close to you
            • Disagree with live stream after, be there for the sessions and speakers.
            • Wild ride.
            • Up your Slack.
            • Connect with people > building
            • What you want to get out: kickass thing for demo day to be in front.
            • Goal: Colleen didn't know what to expect (ODNC 1), get arms around Bubble, exposed to new tools.
            • Global build weekend - like a hackathon. Turning point. Pulled people in from other programs. People pivoted what they were doing.
            • Meeting people. Kickoff day join, and meet people. Kept it moving. Know from events. Small group.
            • Demo day towards it
          • More advanced: cost more,
        • ODX - $100M accelerator β€”>
        • Becoming more community to help you launch
    • 100DaysofNoCode - Brian...Max created (he's in ODNC 1)
  • Zap Connect
    • Looking for orientation, solopreneurs
  • NoCode is more decentralized than Shopify or Wordpress community
    • Wordpress 12 plugins you need to always have. It's part of the infra.
  • New class of professional
    • Brian to meet Phil Lakin right after (ODNC1) β€” NoCodeOps + Propulsion Labs.
    • Conversion evolution
  • NoCode Agencies
    • Expertise, tools
    • Pricing β€” product / service
  • Scaling your NoCode App, what's the limit?
    • Backend issues (reaching data limits)
    • After someone raises, look where they are hiring to understand where the money is going.
  • Web3 /dapps
  • End the sess